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The Hidden November 3, 2008

Posted by sociallyacceptableinsanity in Atheism.

OK, I have to admit it:  I write this blog because I have been commanded to do so by my Journalism professor.  And since what I write here is basically a class assignment and I am under always deadline, I sometimes post things that don’t make as much sense as I would like them to.

This time, however, I strive to be different.

As I mentioned in my first posting, I was raised in an atheistic household and was lucky to grow up in what amounts to a religious vacuum.  As such, I have always held myself as somewhat different and somehow more fortunate than other atheists, though I have not, in all honesty, spent a great deal of time reflecting upon my good fortune.

One of the unforeseen side-effects of this blog assignment has been that I have lately begun to really think about why I do not believe in a supreme being.  And, in the course of this self-exploration, I have begun to ask myself what kind of journey other non-believers have undergone.  The following interview with my friend Stacy Bidwell is an attempt to add a voice to that question.

Click on this link to hear my interview with Stacy.



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