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Stop the World, I Want to Get Off October 6, 2008

Posted by sociallyacceptableinsanity in Atheism.

I realized something as I sat down to write this blog today – I realized that I am sick to death of religion.  I am sick of talking about it, I am sick of writing about it.  I am sick of having to defend myself to religious people. I’m sick of reading about nut-jobs and crackpots who protest at the funerals of soldiers or who open pseudo-scientific “museums.”  I’ve had it up to here with smug, god-fearing, bible thumping yahoos.  I don’t want to ever see another woman dressed in a burka, or read another article about “modesty patrols” assaulting women for dressing inappropriately in Jerusalem.  I want to be able to watch a football game and not see the winning team say that god made them win.  I don’t want to read any more obituaries that speak of the deceased as being “loved” so much by god or jesus that they “were called home to be with the angels.”   

My “about the writer” page plainly states that this blog will not be a rant, and I am sorry for my tone here, but sometimes it all just gets to me.  I do hours of research for each blog, and in the course of that research I am exposed to so much madness that I just want to give up.  It is just too crazy, and too disheartening.

Do you know what I would love more than anything?  I would love to wake up tomorrow to find that the entire world had come to its senses.  No more religion.  No more superstition.  No more daddy for grownups.  But I know that is not about to happen. 

So, what is a girl to do?

The only thing I can do, really.  I’m going to go to the movie theater, get myself some popcorn and Junior Mints, and watch Bill Maher’s new movie, Religulous.  For a couple of hours, at least, I’ll be able to find something funny about religion.



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